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The Artist: Peter Ng


Peter Ng is the founder of BrushMagic and BrushMagic Kids.  He is a scholar of Chinese culture in the areas of folk dancing, music, martial arts, painting, and calligraphy.  His beginnings as a Calligraphist and Artist started as a young child living in Hong Kong. His family survived by doing piecework painting miniature toy soldiers.  Peter and his siblings painted thousands of toy soldiers.  At an early age, Peter had a passion for drawing and painting.  The family had no money to buy paper, so he practiced drawing and painting on toilet paper (very coarse and stiff at that time).  When he immigrated to the US at 10 years old, Peter spent many hours drawing and painting comic book superheroes.  During his middle school years, he won numerous art contests and was awarded the Boston Globe Gold Key. Later in life, he had the opportunity and privilege to create art full time.


Peter’s passion is to perfect the art of Chinese calligraphy by creating his own style based on the movement of the sword and the brush.  Today, he continues to promote his culture by preserving the art of modern Chinese calligraphy.


His goal is to give back to this great country by investing in the future of American youth.  Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from his artwork sales go toward funding scholarships for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects, as well as for studies in the Arts and Humanities.


Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning me to create a painting for you.


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