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Hello, I'm Peter Ng

If you are interested in commissioning me to create a work of art for you, here's some information that you may find useful.

Finding the right artist to create your painting is the key to owning a piece of art that you, your family, or your organization, will enjoy and value for a lifetime. It is best to find an artist whose style reflects what you are looking for and who has experience producing paintings in the style you desire.


My painting style is a harmonious blend of Impressionism and Realism with a hint of Luminosity. I have studied the elements, the sky, the atmosphere, and the light. I strive to translate these components into my paintings with superb delicacy and finesse. Within each painting, I move from soft places, like the clouds, to areas of extreme intricacy and attention-grabbing detail. From concept to completion, we will work together to bring your ideas to reality.

To see many examples of my paintings, please visit

Before we get started, I will need to know the following information to clearly convey your expectations.

  • Tell me your thoughts and ideas for what you want in your painting.

  • If possible, provide pictures for any subjects, background, or othercomponents, that you want illustrated in the painting. This will help me determine the level of detail needed.

  • What size would you like your painting to be?

  • Do you feel strongly that certain colors or shades of color should be included in the painting? If so, be sure to let me know.

  • What is your budget? If your budget is tight. let me knnow and I will work with you to let you know how to decrease your costs.

  • What is your deadline?

Let's get started! If you are ready to commission your own painting, please contact me, Peter Ng, to see how soon I can get started.

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