This product contains original handwritten Chinese calligraphy of the character “Truth 孚” on Japanese rice paper. The calligraphy artwork is placed in an Alderwood frame. It is overlaid with a mat outlined in gold and includes a backing board. The product's measurement is 9" x 9".

Chinese calligraphy is an art form, as well as a method of writing, that derives its expressiveness from the individual calligrapher's use of brush and ink. Only a small number of strokes or brush movements are used to draw Chinese characters, and the composition, structure, and stroke of each are unique. There are several styles of writing: Seal, clerical, cursive, running and standard script are just a few. The character "Truth-孚" is written in Clerical style.

Custom Chinese Calligraphy - Truth 孚

SKU: C08
    • Handmade item
    • Subject: Inspirational saying
    • Framing: Alderwood Frame
    • Materials: Rice paper, Ink, Mat Board, Foam Board, Watercolor, Sumi
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