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Custom Calligraphy
  • Custom Calligraphy

    SKU: PUZ002

    This product is a 30-piece puzzle illustrated with a person's name or custom word drawn using the art of Chinese Calligraphy. The size of the puzzle is 6.75" x 9.75". The default Calligraphy style is the "Running" style. If you want me to use a different style, please choose the style using the "Calligraphy Style" options menu. Click here to learn more about Calligraphy styles.

    You can also select the option to add a label with an English name. If you want me to draw a Chinese name, please email a picture of the Chinese characters to me at to ensure that we use the correct characters.

    The Calligraphy characters will be surrounded by animals from the Chinese Zodiac. A Brushmagic Kid will be drawn painting the animal that represents the person's birth year from the Chinese Zodiac. Please select the animal that you want me to use.

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