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Chinese Calligraphy Note Cards
  • Chinese Calligraphy Note Cards

    SKU: CRD005

    This card is part of a collection that features greetings for all occasions drawn in ancient Chinese/Japanese brush calligraphy. The collection was created by artist and calligrapher Peter Ng (伍振中). Proceeds from card sales goes towards funding scholarships for education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), arts, and humanity. We can customize the card with a word of your choosing.

    Chinese calligraphy is an art form, as well as a method of writing, that derives its expressiveness from the individual calligrapher's use of brush and ink. Only a small number of strokes or brush movements are used to draw Chinese characters, and the composition, structure, and stroke of each are unique. 
    There are several styles of writing: Seal, clerical, cursive, running, and standard script are just a few. The expression "Four Treasures of the Study" (文房四宝), which refers to the ink brush, ink stick, paper and stone, are used in traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting. The characters in this card are written in Chinese calligraphy cursive script (草書) and the watermark is formed in poetry.

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